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Badu. Be, do.

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If awesomesauce was a drug, Erykah would be the Badu-est dealer in the 'hood. Thirty seconds into her newest, and utterly psychedelic video and I had heart palpitations and cotton-mouth. I was even able to forgive the Lil'Wayne cameo (there are a milli' reasons why I think he should here on out be known as 'ft. Lil' Wayne'), because while I love vintage Erykah, (two of my fave vids after the jump)the woman sure as hell knows how to make a comeback.

The new track is called 'Jump up in the air and stay there' (not actually from EB's much anticipated LP) and features the pair swirling, twirling and tripping through a kaleidoscope.*

You can peep the vid on her site!

Oldy, but goodys:

The Ode to Hip Hop-

Erykah Badu ft. Common - Love of My Life

The Ode to love-

The Roots ft: Erykah Badu- You Got Me

* Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up.