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Because 140 chrctrs just isn't enough

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Dear Old Spice Guy,

Everything about your ads- nay, your video sonnets- is both awe-inspiring and regular inspiring. While I am not your immediate target audience and do not wish to smell like a man, I do appreciate the humour and wit you use to tickle the interwebs into a quivering mass of giggles and catch-phrases. I also noticed you've been singling out fans (and random observers) to turn each soliloquy into more of a duet. Consider me engaged to be crowd-sourced.

And, as an aspiring copywriter, I tip my invisible-yet-wonderous hat in admiration of the person(s) behind your words. You of course deliver them laced in the kind of perfection only your Old Spice scented face-area can, but to them my hat is now askew.

Pass on my message of gratitude with the sheer brilliance of a thousand-swans-a-diving.

You have my best,


p.s. I'm on a blog.