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not an obligatory inauguration day post.

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The internets is swimming with all kinds of Obama-is-terrific related pieces, posts, fan vids and songs and yet it didn't take long for me to find one of the worst homages EVER. I understand that the rap scene is all about spitting lyrics about paper, paper chasing, bitches and the occasional street clash. I also understand that penning deep and reflective lyrics are far from most rappers MO's. Finally, I understand why Obama is sweet, sweet fodder for those in the rap game because of the main thing that's been driven into our skulls- he's black (that definition is obviously thanks to the omnipresent one-drop rule, but whatever).

This bastardized version of the already over-bastardized "roses are red" poem is lame personified. While I have been partial to Jeezy in the past this so-called song is reprehensible.

Exhibit A: "My president is black, my Lambo's blue?" For real Jeez? You still had to squeeze in the tight ride? Making it a democratic blue doesn't make this less of a douche-bag move. What next? My first lady's black, and she's wearin' my chain?

I do have to admit though, that some of the lyrics are amusing enough. It's hard to completely abhor a rapper that can say the following:
1. I will email Jesus,
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah
2. Sydney Poitier, what it do?
3. Stuntin on Martin Luther, feelin just like a king.

I guess this was just his totally street, totally straight way of proclaiming his own little crush on Obama. Hey... Obama Girl? You might want to sidle over some.