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nuit blah

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my very first Nuit Blanche was sub par for the following 10 reasons:

1. being totalled by 40-year old men who can't say excuse me.
2. strollers.
3. strollers with children in them.
4. being followed by a hoard of males who only uttered 'bloodclot' ad nauseum.
5. being too vertically challenged to actually see any art from behind huge crowds.
6. huge crowds.
7. waiting in line for public restrooms.
8. public restrooms.
9. running into people you didn't want to see, while missing the ones you did.
10. overhearing this: "I think Nuit Blanche has lost some of its meaning. I mean, it's all about being just for show now."

it wasn't a complete loss due to the following 5:

1. ndeur/duponchel
2. public drunkeness = shadenfraude.
3. watching an elderly couple study an overflowing trash bin as though it were installation art.
4. seeing faces I've missed.
5. szechwan at 4 a.m.


tegan avene said...

why am i not in this????