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mother-daughter cliche

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almost a week into the my mother's visit. it's strange how much a year and a bit apart can feel so epically vast. conversation runs dry often. she asks if I've eaten. I shrug or politely answer. she mentions law school ad nauseum. i pretend not to notice, nauseated. we sit side by side. who's line?. i run off to work before she takes her first coffee sip. return to more questions. exhausted I succomb, and say "Sure, Mom."

black monday - the recession took my blog away.

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Hello Friends,

So I was at work on Friday, surfing the internet for election piece ideas when I decided to check my email. Settled comfortably in my inbox was a little note from my ex-blog carrier, Uber, that began, "Thank You. Goodbye. Uber will be turned off on Monday." Just like that. Casual, in passing, an 'oh, by the way'. Now, it may seem like I'm over reacting, dedicating the first post of a brand new blog to the death of a former one, but the irony is just too beautiful.

In my very first Uber post I candidly wrote:
"I've had blogs before, some of which I have shared and others that I have banned to the depths of the internet so I'm hoping this one sticks. I have a tendency to lose interest in my mini-projects, but I'm willing to give this another shot in hopes that one day I make it past 10 posts within the span of an entire year. "

I didn’t lose interest. I went a lot over 10 posts. And quite frankly I enjoyed it. So natch, some other force intervened.

At first I thought it couldn’t be true. I mean honestly:

“The crisis in the economy has claimed Uber as its latest victim.”

That’s the blogger’s equivalent of the Crash of ’29.

I shoved my story notes aside instantly and scrambled to copy-paste my little life-sonnets somewhere safe and finite. And there they sit.

Luckily, I have turned back to my old blog host, one I’ve abandoned easily and frequently in the past, in hopes of continuing and reviving my little blog in hopes that this one will… overcome?

Anyway, thanks to those who’ve followed, commented, frequented and just plain creeped- I appreciate the dedication and I hope this new (graphically challenged) version lives up to your expectations. Think of it as a step-cousin of sorts.